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    Since the Third Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the CPC, the central government has introduced the new policy of "reform and opening up" to guangdong and fujian in 1979.

    In 1982, Our Founder,  Chuanyu 
    Xu raise about RMB 15,000 formed the first local handmade leather processing workshops, and name it "eternal leather processing factory", belongs to the individual industrial and commercial household.



    In 1990, After  years of leather processing technology research and practice, its products in the industry rise year by year. Qingmiao Cai.  In order to expand the scale of production, our current general manager Mr. Cai  join our company. In the same year, we achieved from individual industrial and commercial households to collective transformation of industrial and commercial households.
    (From the time, the family workshop is moved to the village of qiaotou village of Anhai town, as the demand for market products increases year by year, the size of the land used by the factory is continuously expanded by the river and belongs to the typical "jinjiang development model" of the time).

    Under the initiative of Mr. Xu youren, the current chairman, the company was renamed "hengda yu shoe leather factory in jinjiang city" under the concept of "sustainable operation and steady development".

    In 1994, Mr. Xu youren, the current chairman, officially took over the company and presided over the company's affairs。
    In 1999, we set up the"cattle split suede" business division, and employ the current technical director, Mr. Wu qingfang, as the R&D chief, to develop the high-quality "swan suede", which has been the main product of the company and sold well all over the world

    In order to adapt to the  development of the company in 2002, "jinjiang hengda yu shoe factory" again renamed as "fujian jinjiang hengdayu  leather products co., LTD.", and was transformed into a private enterprise by the transformation of collective industrial and commercial households.

    In 2003, the company established a stable and reliable quality of "cow split leather", which has been designated by a number of well known Taiwanese trader.
    In 2008, the company's products were gradually radiated to wenzhou, chengdu, shenyang, dongguan, Shanghai and other regions by putian, huian and quanzhou, becames the domestic well-known shoes material trader and the first choice for domestic manufacturers of footwear 

    In 2012, the business expanded to guangzhou shoe material leather market and began to invest in the construction of new plant in |Andong industrial zone。 

    The following year, H.D.Y.Leather enjoys a high popularity and reputation in guangzhou market with "Swan Suede" products in guangzhou market (Global International,BYTD...). 
    At the end of 2014, the company moved to ", Jinjiang Andong  economic development zone".
    In 2015, established "H.D.Y. leather co., LTD." in dongguan houjie office, formally expanded the international trade market. Successfully passed the international BLC certification and won the gold medal certificate.

    "Professional, dedicated and green" is the company's development philosophy;
    "Cooperation and win-win" is our sincere agreement!
    In the future, we still in rapid development...