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H.D.Y Leather Co., Ltd. was set up in 1982 by "Chuanyu.Xu", now has gone through 35 years of development.

H.D.Y. Leather was found in fujian province called Anhai town-the "100 years old town" . Anhai town is located at the prosperous commercial lot of the junction of east road and century avenue.

Then stood out in the New Year's day in 2015 to respond to the government's new target industry for environmental protection.Our factory move from residential area to the new industrial zone (Anton leather area, jinjiang economic development zone - Anhai town and east stone town junction.)
Covering about 20 acres and building area of 20,000 square meters
And has built a sewage treatment system that meets the national standards and has a professional and excellent environmental team to ursue "green leather, green production". It has laid the foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises, and the response "green water green mountain". Our company has rewarded with row "advance taxed company",in Andong Industrial Zone.the priority company that government supporting enterprises.

Nowadays, our company has gradually expanded into a modern, high-quality factory with an annual production capacity of 18 million footage. And to actively carry out overseas business when  increase in production. We will increase investment in international markets, increase export business, look to the world and serve international brands. We will increase our business volume and expand production.
Our products are currently based on the production of "suede", most of the  high quality blue wet skin are imported from Argentina, Turkey, Australia, and  the United States. We also import Environmental leather making chemical from Germany and Italy . Our main product -"High Gloss Swan Suede"plays an important role at the leather market. The professional production quality of the first - class cow split leather , high - silk, waterproof, etc. In the domestic and foreign famous shoe material market and the brand market enjoys the high popularity and reputation .

Active participation in exhibitions to expand brand awareness, such as the Portland NW exhibition at the end of August 2016, and the Boston NE exhibition in September.

In order to strengthen our company's systematic management of product quality and company management mode, our company has initiated the BLC factory certification, ISO14000 quality management system certification and SATRA laboratory certification programs. The BLC certification has been passed and has been honored with "gold factory". 

                                 "Eye on global market, serve global brand"